Department of Conservation

State of Missouri

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) protects and manages the fish, forest and wildlife resources of the State of Missouri. MDC came to us with a massive website in disarray. Their site's most-viewed page was the 'Page Not Found' error.

After MDC provided mockups for a new site, we took those mockups and finalized a plan, refined the design, developed the site, trained MDC staff and provided documentation for all of it. The new site contains comprehensive wildlife information, extensive media galleries, related content functionality, an online magazine, multiple layers of users and workflows and many other features. In addition to these site-building tasks, a significant part of our engagement has been the training of MDC technical and editorial staff to be able to continue to develop this and other Drupal-based sites in the future.

Launched July 2010 • Visit the site
Work category: Government & NGO