NodeSquirrel Launch

Today is a very special day for us - NodeSquirrel - our offsite Drupal Backup service - has launched!  We've had hundreds of users and sites helping us test the service over the last year-and-a-half and today we're proud to launch! 

What changes today?

  • New accounts start out with a free 20-trial-backup plan that can be upgraded to a paid plan. Plans start at $5 per month and go up from there (see for details)

What stays the same? (Everything else!)

  • All backups continue to be accessible and unchanged.
  • Existing accounts are active and unchanged (as always, you can manage your account and sites at
  • Other features, like secure transit and storage of backups, continue to work as before.

Special thanks to all of you who who've helped us test - you'll be getting thank you emails shortly with more info!