Node Squirrel in Issue #1 of the Drupal Magazine

DrupalCon Chicago saw the publication of the first issue of the first Drupal print magazine, Drupal Watchdog. It's packed with lots of good stuff, including articles from Dries, Earl Miles, Lynette Miles, Nathaniel 'Catch' Catchpole, Larry "Crell' Garfield, Emma Jane Hogbin and lots of other great, smart people. We found a lot of good information and tips, but we took special note of the mention of Node Squirrel as a promising blend of best-practices in Drupal module development and service offerings in Tom Geller's article on the growth of Drupal. 

Node Squirrel is a Gorton Studios service currently in pre-alpha testing. It extends the popular Backup and Migrate module (with over 70,000 users already) to include a nice, no-hassle offsite backup option. You can find out more at While you're there, feel free to sign up for the alpha - it's coming soon!